What we do for families

Child Care Connections assists families with the Best Beginnings Scholarships.  The Best Beginnings Scholarship provides child care payment awards to help Montana working families pay for child care. The Family Services Staff is available to provide guidance filling out the application. 

Special Needs Subsidy Program

Subsidy Program provides supplemental child care to help families and child care providers meet realistic costs of individualized care.

WHAT is Special Needs Subsidy?

The Special Needs Subsidy Program provides supplemental child care subsidies to help families and child care providers meet realistic costs of individualized care.  In addition to an adjusted monthly subsidy payment, one-time costs may be reimbursed using the state's Best Beginnings Child Care Scholarship fund for expenses such as adaptive equipment, tuition for specialized training, or individualized technical assistance needed to learn care giving routines for the child.  The amount and duration of child care subsidies is determined on an individual basis.  The subsidy may be one-time-only or provided as an ongoing monthly subsidy.

WHY would a family or provider want to consider the subsidy?

Child care providers have a responsibility to make reasonable accommodations to include children with disabilities, developmental delays, and other special needs.

WHO is eligible?

Montana's Special Needs Subsidy Program is part of the overall state child care subsidy program available for low income families.  Therefore, a family must first qualify for a Best Beginnings Scholarship in order to be considered for a Special Needs Subsidy.

HOW is compensation determined?

Subsidies provided through this program are to be used to offset the costs to the provider for adaptations necessary to care for the child in the provider's child care program.  These costs must be for accommodations that, in the absence of financial supports, would place an undue burden upon the provider.  The amount of the subsidy is determined by completing the Special Needs Rating Scale which assesses the type and intensity of care required for the child.

Where to go for information

If you are a provider or a family who would benefit from information regarding the Montana Special Needs Subsidy Program, contact Tammy Christofferson (Bozeman) 587-7786 ext. 111 or Brandi Thomas (Helena) 587-7786 ext. 150.